Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I think I'm losing my comprehension skills.

Aye yi yi. 

Today was full of embarrassing moments. 

Mostly me saying something stupid, or asking a question about something and unintentionally proving I misunderstood the material, or trying to be nice to my professor and accidentally making it sound rude (open mouth, insert foot)

And the irony of it all is that I got more sleep last night than I've gotten on a school night in about two weeks.  I swear I didn't feel this confused so often in high school!

On the other hand, I did manage to write 3 1-page French compositions and my two-page paper for State & Local in two hours tonight, so maybe all hope isn't completely lost yet. ;)  And it was Shakespeare in English class - I can't be the first one to have a hard time keeping a girl pretending to be a boy and her twin brother straight. Hahaha.  (Twelfth Night)

I am mentally drained.  Here's hoping I don't have quite so many embarrassing moments tomorrow.  Actually, I don't have to talk in Music, and everyone is constantly messing up in French and I don't mind embarrassing myself in front of those girls and Dr. Steegar, so basically I just need to avoid embarrassing moments in State & Local.  :)  Then, Ryann's got a soccer game, so I'm basically getting a night off.  I never have homework to do on Thursday nights.  Maybe I'll do some research for my Scope & Methods project.

Oh, who am I kidding.  That's not gonna happen. ;)

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  1. Or you could be like me and forget to turn the water on for your condenser while doing a distillation (a somewhat important part of a distillation!), and forget to hook the vacuum up to the same distillation (that was specifically a vacuum distillation...) that you forgot to turn the water on for. All in the space of 10 minutes... Embarrassing moments indeed!