Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hindsight is 20/20: the only time I have perfect vision.

I finished the paper.

More importantly, I finished the paper on time without having to try and fight against my medications and stay up half the night.

Y'all were right - I freaked out because I'm a nerd, but I always knew it'd get done.  I'd get it done even if I had to go without sleep.

Freaking out was pointless.  All it did was make my persistent headaches worse.  Though I can say I've learned that now, I'll almost certainly forget that the next time I get myself into a similar situation, but hey.  I gotta enjoy good things while they last, right?

Also, fall has officially arrived.  I forgot to check the weather this morning and by the time my body registered how cold it was outside on the way to French, I didn't have the time to walk back to my dorm and get a hoodie and then get to class.  So I froze on the way there.  Luckily it wasn't bad for the rest of the day, but I will not be making that same mistake again tomorrow.  I do prefer being cold over being hot, but not that cold.  :)

Tomorrow I have class at 9, class at 11, and the required movie at 3.  Then the ball!  Then the weekend!  I'm so excited to not have a packed-with-work weekend like the past few have been.  I'm just tired.  Because even though I've been taking my antibiotics, these bizarre feelings haven't gone away yet.  But it's okay, I'll deal.  I always do.

I need sleep now.

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