Sunday, August 28, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Here we go again.

It's the end of the weekend.  Sunday night.  Tomorrow begins another week full of the thing I despise most.

Early mornings.  :)

However, this week is different because at least I know that come Friday, I'll get to go home for 3 days.  Gotta love federal holidays. 

It's weird...It feels like it has been so much longer than two weeks since I left.  That's probably because I've barely talked to my mom.  Not on purpose, she's just been very busy with getting back to work and everything, and my semester is crazy and full of not only early days, but long days, too.

That's gonna be really good motivation to be optimistic this week.  Because I really can't wait to get home for a bit.  I really miss Blake.  And it may sound strange but it is a little weird to be in a silent room.  Haha, I know my mom would kill to be in one herself right now, but still. 

I've had a very productive weekend, as I managed to get all my homework done.  However, I also had a fun weekend, as I gave myself a Glee marathon. :)  I have no idea how I managed to watch as many episodes as I did and still do all the work, but I did...Productive and fun.  I call that a success!

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  1. You're very right about productive and fun being an awesome combo! :)