Saturday, August 20, 2011

Repeat after me: I love this school.

I can't even think about blogging right now.  I can't think because my next door neighbor has been BLASTING music ALL. DAY. LONG and she won't quit even though quiet hours started at 10:00 and I can't find an RA or our RD to make her stop. And every song she plays sounds EXACTLY THE SAME.  They all have obnoxious bass lines and drums that overpower everything else, and they're so repetitive that it's like I can hear them playing over and over again in my head even on the rare occasion that she turns them off.  I hope this isn't a sign that she's going to be this rude all year long because it's going to get really old really fast.  Oh already got old.  It's inching closer and closer to death and decomposition.

Plus, there's the fact that I have read 209 pages so far today (which is a miracle in itself considering how hard it has been to focus with that music), and I still need to read 32 more before I go to bed, and I have reading to do tomorrow.  I really do love college, though, I promise.  And more specifically, I love Campbell.  I love my professors, and my advisor is so kind and helpful.  Here, it really feels like the faculty and staff make sure you know that they care, that you're not just an ID number to them.  AND I love the fact that I officially added my French double major yesterday and my French professor was totally thrilled about it.  :)

Now I'm going to try to finish these 32 pages as I eat a snack and pray that this chick does not keep me up all night long.

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