Monday, August 15, 2011


Yep, that's about as creative as I can get with a title tonight, thanks to the fact that God decided to uhhh...bless me with a migraine that started the minute I woke up and hasn't stopped.  But anyway, I'm here to deliver on the promise that I would deliver tonight an update about yesterday and today.


Well I woke up at 10:30 to get ready for the day and eat and finish packing the last minute stuff.  I woke Mom up at 11 but she didn't get up till 11:30, surprise surprise.  Shane arrived somewhere around then; I'm not sure when because I found him sitting in his truck when I was taking out the trash. (He does that often. I can't figure out why he won't just come inside when he arrives, even if it is before the time he said he'd arrive.  We wouldn't care.)  We juggled feeding/taking care of Blake with loading the truck, but thankfully I got to do most of the Blake work because it's so freaking hot outside.  Shane was actually there because he agreed to watch Blake for the afternoon till Chelsea got off work.  Mom and I were SO grateful for that; we were thinking we'd have to take him with us and it would've made things so much more complicated.  Shane really is a good guy, at least as far as I can tell.

We left at 12:10 only to drive down the road outside of our neighborhood and realize that we forgot my few refrigerated items.  So we drove back and Shane brought them out for us.  We stopped to pick up Bojangles for lunch in Jacksonville, and again at a gas station halfway between home and school to get some water.  We arrived at Campbell about 2:40, and found out that Amy brought her friend and a girl I know, Laura, to help us, too.  I had to fill out a bit of paperwork before I could get my key, so I did that, and then we realized that, once again, the furniture was not removed from my room like it was supposed to be.  Mom, Amy, and Laura started unloading the things from the truck while I went to deal with that, and then we moved the beds and desk into the lobby for staff to come pick up.  Holly and her friend Austin (he had to drive her because her car is still screwed up) arrived at 3:00, and by then, the truck was empty, so we all headed to the storage unit.  Luckily, a) it's right down the road, and b) Laura has a car that's about as big as a station wagon.  We were able to get everything except for my mattress and boxspring in one load.  We spent a couple hours unloading and unpacking everything.  Amy and Laura left a little after 4.  Mom and Holly and Austin stayed to help me hang posters and stuff.  They left somewhere between 5:15 and 5:30, only to find that Austin's car wouldn't start (my mom called Holly a car jinx :p) so Mom had to drive them back to Raleigh before she could go home.  I spent the rest of the night unpacking and organizing things, relaxing, and taking a nice, long, hot shower, which felt beyond amazing considering how sweaty and gross I was.

Today, I got up at 9:15 because I had plans to go to the bookstore, get new IDs, and eat lunch and hang out with Morgan, but she texted about 10:00 and had to change the plans, cancelling the bookstore and IDs, and said she'd come pick me up for lunch at 12:30.  I went back to sleep till 11:45 (I know that's late but I was still so exhausted from yesterday!)  We went back to her place, and she made me this amazing pita pocket with turkey, pesto, spinach, and vinaigrette (and maybe something else, I don't remember) that was so ridiculously good.  And healthy, too! :)  We hung out and talked till 1:45, but then she had to go talk to someone about a possible job, so she dropped me off at the bookstore on her way.  I brought my bookbag with me to carry my books back to my dorm more easily.  Finding the books was easy; getting the whole "there's a special account under Jack Britt's name that will let me get my books and my uncle will pay for them later" thing straightened out was not.  But it eventually did, and that's all that matters.  I have to wait for my French book because they were out, but that's okay because Dr. Steegar doesn't want to start class till next week, anyway.  I basically did nothing for the rest of the night.  Today and tomorrow will be my last days of freedom for a long time, so I might as well enjoy it!  I almost freaked out when I tried to print something today, but the crisis was averted.  When I inserted the printer installation CD, it said it could not install because my computer did not meet the minimum requirements.  It said the printer was for Windows XP and Vista, and my computer is the newest program, Windows 7.  Basically, my printer was made before Windows 7 existed, so it didn't recognize it.  Thankfully, Mom told me you can download your printer driver off the internet, so I did that, and it worked...until I realized I was out of ink. Ha!  Always has to be something.  So Amy's taking me to get ink tomorrow :).  Before that I'm gonna grab lunch and go get my new ID made, and swipe it at one of the designated locations in order to confirm my schedule.  Otherwise my schedule would get deleted, and that would really suck!

But for now, I'm gonna eat a late snack, and go to bed.  My apologies for this delivery not being made in under 30 minutes. ;)

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