Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The good kind of surprise.

I have never been this calm after the first day of school, like ever.  It's kind of freaky!  Especially considering the fact that this is the biggest workload that I've ever had.  But really, I feel rather confident about four out of my six classes, so I think that is a big help.  I really, really appreciate God giving me peace today. 

Another good surprise?  Walmart gave me a $10 giftcard yesterday for no reason whatsoever.  I went to buy printer ink and as the cashier was ringing it up, the register kept beeping as she tried over and over again, and then for some reason, she swiped a gift card through.  I had no idea really what was going on once I paid with my debit card, and then all of a sudden she handed me a giftcard and said, "It gave you $10."  I've never seen that happen before to anyone!

So yeah.  Right now?  I'm good. :)

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