Friday, August 26, 2011

PLEASE pray for Swansboro!

I don't remember a hurricane ever actually picking my town as the landfall spot. 

The spot for landfall gets hit the hardest. 

PLEASE be praying for my town and family, and well everyone who lives there.

Buies Creek is in a creek bed, so we'll almost certainly get a nasty flood out of this.  But still, I'm in a dorm built out of cement.  I'm not worried about me.

God is in control...God is in control...God is in control...


  1. Mal, I am praying for your family and town. Actually I'm also praying for the whole east coast. We're supposed to get hit here too, but not as bad as NC. Stay safe!


    p.s. Psalm 91 keeps on running through my head as the hurricane approaches.

  2. We are in danger zone here in Philadelphia...
    The whole city is shutting down...I am about an hour and half away from NYC and they are shutting down here

  3. Mal - how's your family doing?