Friday, August 12, 2011



I thought I'd make that crystal clear for all of you because, despite the fact that I've never once said anything of the such, that's what my mother accused me of today.

I am SO TIRED of this crap.  The woman is perfectly okay with pointing out every single flaw she can find in me or Chelsea or anyone else, yet she goes absolutely ballistic if I dare to point out one of hers.  And trust me, I can't talk to her about this calmly because she refuses to believe that she ever does anything wrong or anything to contribute to the problems in this house.

At this rate, I'm doubting I'll come home for Labor Day weekend, because I really just can't deal with this anymore. 

Oh, and my grandma's procedure was fine.  They got the stones out of her bile duct, but we don't know when her surgery will be yet.  Thus, I don't know when I'm leaving.

I think I'm just going to curl up in bed with my iPod and block out the rest of the world for the night.

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