Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At least it's too small instead of too big.

Because that is certainly a first in my life.

I went to the orthodontist today.  Somehow, in 36 hours and while wearing the temporary retainer my doctor gave me in case of situations like this, my teeth still moved.  And not only did they move, they moved enough that I couldn't get my retainer just glued back on.  I get to deal with two months of another dang plastic removable retainer.  Which is especially fun, considering it took me more than two years the last time this permanent retainer fell out to get my teeth back to the correct place in order to get a new permanent one.

But the good news is, it wasn't my fault.  Dr. R said that the teeth had obviously been moving even while my permanent retainer was on.  Apparently, the teeth on each side of my two front teeth is too small, and that makes it hard for the permanent retainer to do its job.  I've never had anything on my body be too small before!  Even my uterus lining is too big!  Hahaha.

So that is that.  I'm bored.  This family is frustrating.

Oh, and also apparently I've left Matt alone long enough because today I texted him because Mom wanted me to invite him to dinner, and he initiated a conversation and said he'd come over tomorrow without me mentioning having to do with that.  So hm, whatever, at least he's done being dramatic.  If things are back to normal, I'm not going to stress myself out wondering what was wrong.

There we go.  Good night, peeps.

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