Saturday, August 27, 2011

That was a hurricane?

If you were a weatherman, and you came to Campbell to survey the evidence of the hurricane, you'd think you'd gone mentally insane.

Why?  Because Buies Creek looks like Hurricane Irene had a giant hole in it.  It barely rained and we've had stronger winds on a sunny October day.

It was ODD.

On the upside, Swansboro and the surrounding areas fared pretty well.  There's still some power outage, but Mom said she drove around town and didn't see anything more serious than downed trees and houses that lost some siding.  For a town ten minutes from the coast, that's really good.  :)

I was amazed that Irene downgraded to a Category 1 before it even made landfall, so that definitely helped. 

Weather is just weird.  Earthquakes, a hurricane, and tornadoes all in the same week!

I'm so relieved that nothing major happened.  I don't think my mom could handle one more ounce of stress right now.

Thanks for praying!  Please keep praying for the rest of the east coast!  :)


  1. Mal, I am soooo glad to hear that you and your family are ok. :)
    I kept on checking for an update yesterday. So far (it's still pretty breezy, although the rain is essentially done so I suppose that conditions could worsen)it appears that my family is going to be ok. There's a lot of little stuff down, and major flooding in the area but we're on high ground.

  2. I want to sort of revise my last sentence as I don't want to imply that I'm so happy that we're ok, that I don't care about the others who are flooded out. While I am glad, of course, that we're ok, I do realize that there are a lot of people in the area whose nightmare is just beginning, and I am praying for all of them. (Sorry if these comments are sort of incoherent. There was a decided lack of sleep last night!)