Thursday, December 8, 2011

Insert relevant title here.

Wheezing sucks.  I wanted to spend time with Mom so badly, but hanging out in her room has made me wheeze.  Just like it always does.  You'd think I'd learn.  Darn dust.

You know what doesn't suck, though?  Going out to the living room when Mommom got home with Chelsea and Blake and having him run to me holding his arms out screaming "EEEEEEE!!!!!!!" and then giving me a giant hug when I picked him up.  That will never suck.

Apparently things between Mom and Chelsea are worse than ever, but frankly, right now, I don't even care.  I'm just glad to be on vacation.

Here's hoping a shower will help my chest to open back up.  Lesson learned.

At least for this break.

What can I say?  I'm thickheaded. ;)

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