Monday, November 21, 2011

Reasons Why I'm SO Ready To Go Home

For one, Campbell is kind of a one-time deal with their heating system.  And I mean that once there's 2 straight days of cold, the AC goes off and the heat comes on and it's that way till April or whenever they get bored.  So considering the fact that NC weather is freakin' psychotic and for weeks now we have had a couple days of cold in between several days of SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES in the MIDDLE OF FREAKING NOVEMBER, I am sweating constantly because my room is a sauna when the heat is on and it's just as hot outside.  Even when I turn the dial I have in my room to "Off" there's still a tiny bit of hot air that blows out of my vent.  I will spare you the details of what I do to try and combat this heat wave, but I will say this: It's a darn good thing I don't have a roommate or I'd be screwed!  My house at home, however is kept at 68 degrees year round (70 on occasion if it's really cold) and only turns the heat on when it's cold and promptly turns it up when it's manageable without it.  So yes, I miss my AC!

Second of all, my sweet little Blake man is there.  And I miss him.  To go from seeing all that cute every day to once every few weeks is just not cool.  And here's a little breaking news I've yet to share: Mom says Chelsea and Shane's wedding might not still be on and if it's not, Mom and I won't have to deal with them moving to Georgia!  I'll update as I learn more details, which will also be a result of being home.

Third? THE FOOD.  One of the perks of growing up in my family is that it is FULL of ridiculously talented cooks.  My mom and grandma spare no mercy on holiday meals, and I don't know what my uncle does when he cooks our Thanksgiving turkey but it's incredible.  Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals are so good in my family.  I'm bringing my camera home (hello! Blake pictures!) so I'll try to remember to snap some pictures of the full table for you.  Plus, my mom usually hosts Thanksgiving and her, her brother and her mom (aka my uncle and my grandma, ha! don't know why I wrote it like that) all live in the same town, which means not only do I not have to leave town for the holidays, I don't even have to leave the house.

Which sort leads me to my next reason: family.  On holidays, everyone in my family seems to get along.  Especially now that us "kids" are getting older, so Dustin and I really don't fight anymore.  Even Chelsea gets a grip on life on holidays.  And plus there's Blake now and he can make anything happy. :)  I'm sad, though, because I don't think Holly's coming home because of work because she wants to make sure she gets Christmas Day off, but at least we'll see her Saturday at the football game!

Okay, that's all the time I've got to blog tonight.  I still have to listen to some CDs for my music test tomorrow, and then I need to get to bed because 6:30 am is early.  But hey, I've almost survived an entire semester of that ungodly hour, so there's a plus. ;)

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