Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wish this feeling would never leave.

Have you ever been so happy that you're giggling uncontrollably?

Yeah, that's me today.

Floating on cloud nine. Telling everyone how thankful I am for them. Laughing in a silent room. Giddy.  There's several reasons why.

For one, the guy who murdered a friend of mine two years ago got convicted of first-degree murder today.  The jury didn't buy his insanity defense, and I knew him and after reading all of the details, all I can say is that justice was served.  Now all of us who loved Virginia can get some peace and closure.

Second, I have officially started my job as the Communications and Publicity Director for the College Democrats.  And I love it.  I've barely done anything thus far, but I love the club, I love what we stand for, and I love the people I work with.  I don't care that it's not a paying job; the enjoyment and release I get from this is plenty of a reward.

Third, Ryann and I had a bit of an emotional chat today, but it was the good kind of emotional.  She told me things that let me know how important I and our friendship are to her.  One of the things I crave in life is knowing that I am needed and appreciated, and I definitely felt that from her.  Thinking of where I am today with a girl who I wasn't even sure knew I existed seven months ago is just beautiful.

And last, things with Nick keep getting cuter and cuter.  And not only that, the support I've gotten from my friends is kind of mindblowing.  Elizabeth has sat through chat after chat of me gushing, keeping me somewhat level-headed when necessary, advising me when I have no idea what something means, and cheering with me when there's nothing left to do but smile.  Ryann made it crystal clear how excited she is, and she wants to meet him.  They've both already warned that they must "scare him straight" before he's in the clear should we actually start dating.  And Matt, God bless him, has managed to go into big-brother-protective mode as much as he possibly can from 185 miles away. 

College has finally turned into everything Matt told me it would be the summer I graduated from high school.  People accept me.  I'm involved in a club that I really enjoy and have a life outside of my schoolwork. I have friends who truly love me and support me.  I'm talking to a sweet guy who likes me for me, doesn't want to change me, and doesn't want to use me (well, except for my Statistics knowledge :D). 

I am happier right now than I think I have ever been.

God has blessed me so, so much.  I can never thank Him enough.


  1. such a wonderful post mal!!! i'm so glad you are happy and having a great time in college. god is good and so is your life!! live it to it's fullest and enjoy every minute!! keep being you.....because you are beautiful!!