Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm sorry, Tarheel fans, what was that?! The Wolfpack, a team you still refuse to consider real competition

 just shut you, the Tarholes Tarheels, out 13-0
meaning that we have won for the FIFTH. STRAIGHT. YEAR.

All together now...We're the red and white from State, and we know we are the best! With our hands behind our back, we can take on all the rest! GO TO HELL, CAROLINA! Devils and Deacs, stand in line! We're the red and white from NC State. GO STATE!

I love my Wolfpack.  I love stomping on Carolina.  I love watching Tarheel fans whine.

And my mom's paying for me to watch Ryann's soccer game online tomorrow.  I don't know if today can get better. :)