Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - Do you believe in luck?

'Cause I'm not so sure I do anymore.

Oh, now, before you get concerned, this is not a bad thing. I'm still on an emotional high from this week.  Really, the fact that this week has been so amazing is sort of why I'm saying this.

So many things have gone right this week, and not once have I thought that I'm "lucky."  I've thought I'm blessed.  If I were lucky, my prayers would be answered as soon as I said them.  And this year, and the past couple weeks specifically, are the culmination of dozens of prayers over the years. 

God chose this time in my life to bless me with people and experiences that have made my whole world brighter.  Luck had nothing to do with it.  Everything amazing that has happened has been something He alone has orchestrated.  Seeing Nick outside of class  twice this week (Wednesday and today) when I've never seen him around campus before?  That's not luck.  That's God telling me that whatever Nick and I have going on right now is something good.  My friends being uber supportive and happy for me?  That's not luck.  That's God showing me that I finally have the people in my life that I've been praying for.  Living in a country protected by selfless men and women every day so that I can live a normal, free life?  That's certainly not luck.

So no, while everyone else makes wishes at 11:11, I'm just going to sit back and praise God for everything I have, everything He's blessed me with, this beautiful country that I live in, everyone I have in my life.

Happy Veterans Day.  In honor of all those who sacrifice for us every day, I'm going to post a video that will make you cry. Trust me, it's gorgeous. Listen to the lyrics of the song.

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