Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today was just cute.

So Ryann has had this idea in her head for weeks now that she needed to meet Nick.  Please don't think I'm some sort of weird stalker, because I'm not, but today I made sure she did.  Well, Dr. Steegar let us out early from French because it was the last day and we finished the chapter so it's not like he was going to assign us homework.  It was about 9:10 by the time we left the building, and I knew both Ryann and Nick had a class at 9:30 in a nearby building.  She had to go to the library to print something, which is thankfully close to both of the places, so I told her that I'd stall Nick when I saw him.  She still wasn't there a couple minutes after Nick walked up, so I ended up having to tell him that Ryann wanted to meet him, but luckily he didn't ask any questions about why (that would've just been awkward).  They really only talked for about 30 seconds, but when he left to get up to his class (he likes to get there early, like me! haha), she looked at me and grinned and said, "I really like him.  He seems really awesome."  Which, I'm not too sure how she got that out of the little bit they said to each other, but hey, she approves, so I'm safe.  ;) 

This is where my day gets cute.

Today after State & Local, Nick and I were walking back from class, and we were talking and just randomly he says "I'm hungry.  Do you want food?  I want Jole Mole." (Side note: It's Mexican food, but everyone calls it Holy Moly.)  I tell him sure, but Jole Mole's closed because it doesn't open till 4, and he teasingly calls me a liar and we go there anyway.  I set my purse and binder down when we walk in and he sees it really is closed, so he says "Do you want pizza?"  I go back to grab my ID card, and he slides his card up in his hand with a look that said "silly girl, I'm buying." :)  So he bought me food.  And we spent almost half an hour just talking, and we asked each other about our families, and it was really sweet.  He, of course, made me laugh hysterically for most of it.  The cutest thing he said was "You's adorable, like kittens and turtles," in this really adorable voice (he apparently thinks turtles are really cute).  He insisted on walking me literally all the way to the back door of Burkot before he would give me a hug, even though I stopped in front of his dorm because I knew he had a project to work on.  Also, we finally agreed on a time for me to help him prepare for his Statistics final, which would be Thursday at 8:00 in Shouse because he eats breakfast there everyday at that time so he won't forget.  I told him there are very few people that I would wake up that early for on a day when I'm allowed to sleep in, so he better show up.  He smirked and said, "For you, I will." 

Wow that was a lot.  In case you skimmed it or missed something, this will basically sum it up:  I know my opinion is just slightly biased, but everything he said and did today was just cute. ;)  Every time that we hang out, I become more and more smitten with this kid.  And while I can't help but wonder if this is going to turn into something more, I like what it is right now.  He makes me giddy.

Like seriously.  When I agreed to eat pizza with Nick, I forgot that I had dinner plans with Elizabeth at 6, and when she got to where we were eating, I was sitting there still grinning thinking about this afternoon.  So I spent a good deal of time gushing about that, so SHE decided she also had to meet Nick and she'll be awake Thursday morning anyway (though I can't figure out why that crazy girl wakes up at 6:00 when she doesn't have to :p), so she's going to just so happen to be coming to Shouse for breakfast on Thursday.  ;)

I think it's so cute and sweet that those two girls are so darn protective of me that they feel they have to meet Nick and approve of him even before this is anything serious.  Elizabeth told me tonight that since Matt isn't here to threaten him and fill the protective bodyguard role that apparently needs filling, she's more than willing to take the job, which I find hilarious since she doesn't even know Matt.

Anyway, that's a lot of gushing, and a lot of words to read, and I need to go wash my face and get in bed, anyway, so I will just end with this:

Today was cute.  :)



  1. That was cute. :) Good luck with your final days of school!

  2. I'm not going to say I told you soo..
    heck...yes I am...
    THAT is what college is about.
    I have no clue about the courses that didn't apply to my major...no clue about infarential methods to psychological statistics...
    But I can tell you in college I had 3 boyfriends and my very first REAL boyfriend...like holidays and family get togethers kind of boyfriend...

    CONGRATS and I am THRILLED for you girl!