Sunday, November 27, 2011

That was easy. Almost too easy.

It only took me four hours to do my report today.

I'm amazed, and relieved.

But I'm also a little nervous.

When a project that overwhelmed me so badly before I started it feels so easy once it's completed, my mind kind of goes into "second guess" mode where I'm checking everything over and over again, wondering if I got all the components in, reading into every last detail making sure it's descriptive enough.

Like, could it really be that simple?

Gosh, I hope so.  Because I don't know if I could stare at that thing for one more minute, even if I wanted to.

I have a very short to-do list for the final three days of classes now that this project is out of my way.  It makes me very happy: Music test on Tuesday, English essay due Wednesday (movie's done, just need to get teacher's advice on what to write), State & Local essay due Thursday (that's Reading Day, so I hope to turn it in on Tuesday, only 2 pages), History double quiz on Wednesday, and concert on Wednesday.

That's it! And then begins the fun known as final exams. :)  I also have to get my application for the DC internship in by Friday, but I can't do it till Wednesday because Mom has to get paid before I can pay the application fee.  (The amount of excitement I have for this internship is worth a post by itself!)

But seriously, y'all.  I cannot explain how happy I am to have this big research project off my back finally! 

Hope you had a good weekend.  Honestly, I'm glad to be back here.

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  1. I'd love to hear about the DC internship if you want to post about it. :)