Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You think it'll never happen to you...

and then it does.

Except on a much more bizarre, much more pathetic scale.

So at 1:58 today, I got an email saying that there is a campus-wide lockdown.

That's never a good thing.

Thanks to the world of Facebook and online news websites, word spread like wildfire that there's a gunman on campus. 

*cue the police swarming, SWAT teams, and general freakouts*

Now, it's not much of a shock that I panic.  My thoughts immediately went to the VA Tech massacre.  I was terrified.

And of course, there's about fifty billion contradicting stories flying around.  So I wasn't entirely sure what was going on for most of the time.  All I knew was there was a guy with a gun and police had him cornered.

Then the truth comes out.  To the news.  Of course, campus administration won't tell US what the heck is going on, but they'll happily inform the local ABC affiliate.

Some dude has barricaded himself in his house, all because cops showed up and tried to serve him with papers or a warrant or something.  I've met this guy before, and he's an injured Air Force vet who's got a service dog and PTSD.  He has a gun, but he's not out to hurt people.  He's just trying to avoid the cops, which is ridiculous since he's never going to.  But with PTSD and his house swarmed by practically every law enforcement officer in this county, he can't possibly be thinking clearly.

This is way too much excitement for a Wednesday.

This is way too much excitement for Buies Creek.

Thank the Lord for His protection.  May He be with Jared and lead this to a peaceful end.  (And soon! I don't wanna miss French class tomorrow! :D)

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