Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Steps

I don't know if God's trying to tell me something, but I am running into Nick in random places at random times a LOT lately.

First, today, CUW got let out early, so I decided to go over to the library to print off my English essay.  Outside D. Rich (the building with the auditorium that holds CUW) was flooded with students, and as I'm weaving my way through them trying to get over towards the library, BAM!  I see the all-too-familiar camouflage jacket.  He was standing with a couple of guys and girl that I didn't know, and he had his back to me, so I snuck up behind him and poked him. :)  We chatted for a minute, and I said something like "Don't forget about tomorrow" and one of his friends said "What's tomorrow?" and Nick said "Oh, she's helping me with Stats" and he grinned and said "Ohhhh, you do Stats, huh?"  I caught his drift so I said, "Yes, would you like help with Stats, too?"  He laughed and said, "Hi. I'm RJ. Help me. Please."  So my little one-on-one tutoring session turned into a one-on-three, because apparently Nick, RJ, and the other friend Josh are all in the same Stats class and all need help.  But hey, I like helping people, so whatever.

So I went through my day honestly not expecting or really even hoping to see him again today.  After my last required concert for Music Appreciation (YAY), I went to Marshbanks just after 5:00 for dinner because it's like a halfway point (not really half, but sort of) between the Fine Arts Building and Burkot.  As I stood in line, what did I see?  That darn camouflage jacket. :)  I asked if I could come eat with him, and he told me they were in the far room.  I went in there after I got my food, and he was eating with RJ, Josh, RJ's girlfriend Siobhan (ridiculously awesome name, by the way), and this kind of annoying kid named Mark that I know from various places.  We ate and laughed and joked and I got to know a bit about them.  Originally, I left around 5:30 because Ryann had told me earlier today that she really needed to talk to me, but then I got outside and called her and she said that her team had called an emergency meeting, so I still have no idea what's going on with her or why she sounded so sad.  Anyway, I thankfully was able to get the card swiper lady to let me back in, and we all hung out for a bit more.  Then, Siobhan said that she had some project to do and RJ was helping her so they all decided to leave.  Nick told me he was gonna walk back with me because he had to go get his car before he could go to their apartment. 

This is where today gets even cuter than yesterday.

It was freezing outside when we were walking back because Mother Nature finally decided to start acting like she knew what time of year it was.  Nick, being the dork he is, apparently doesn't own pants, so he was wearing shorts and sandals.  He was complaining about how cold he was, and I was teasing him about stupid he is for not owning or wearing pants, and then I said my hands were cold.  You know what he did?  He grabbed my hand and stuck it in his pocket with his.  :D 

So we held hands for the first time tonight.  Of course, when he left, I promptly ran to Twitter to squeal about it because oh my heavens, I have so fallen for this kid.

While I truly do have no expectations out of this, I do have hopes.  It's a weird combination of trying not to get my hopes up too high and really, really hoping that things keep progressing.  Something just feels oddly right about this.

Then again, it may be a good thing if it doesn't progress; I don't want Matt to pull out this shotgun he says he's getting.  I texted him and said, "Get your shotgun ready, dear protective big brother.  Nick and I upgraded to holding hands so you know what comes next. ;)" and he wrote back "Shit. I'ma need the double barrel shotgun.  What's he weigh?  I need to know whether to get slug or buckshot ammunition." Ha!  I find it hilarious how scared he is of me not being "innocent" anymore.

Boys. ;)

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    Oh, and if I stop commenting briefly , it's not you or anything. It's called I-have-waaaaay- too -much -work-to-do- and-waaaaaay-too-little-time-to-do-it. Yay end of the semester. :)