Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I like that word.


It just sounds so...perky.

Yes, perky.

And that's how I feel today.


Because it's Tuesday, which means I had French class and got to see Ryann the only time I will this week because she leaves for the Big South Soccer Conference tomorrow.

Because The Vespers are now over $3000.

Because I was exhausted and my Music professor showed a movie and when he does that, he doesn't care if you fall asleep.

Because my State & Local class was fun, and nobody made any stupid comments when I uttered the words "I'm a Democrat who likes Obama", because that's usually a match for angry Conservatives.

Because after class, I got way distracted talking to a cute guy from that class whom I'd never spoken to before, and who made me laugh for an hour straight and then was sweet enough to walk me back to my dorm.  We started out talking about cell phones and ended up talking about politics and our dorm rooms.  It was awesome.  I haven't had that fun of a conversation in a long time. (And he hugged me twice ;))

Because Marshbanks was serving something I actually like for dinner.

Because GLEE is back! :)

Because today has been a constant reminder of how amazing my life is, how lucky I am, and how majorly God can surprise and bless me when I'm least expecting.

So yes, I am chipper.  Sometimes all it takes is a positive outlook to make your whole day brighter.

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