Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sometimes I ramble. This is one of those times.

Today has not been exciting.

I forced myself out of bed at 6:30.  I got ready and went to French.  I realized it was THIRTY FOUR DEGREES outside and OH MY GOSH IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS COLD.  I mean, geez, it's November 3rd.  34 degree mornings don't usually show up till late December/early January.  Stop it, Mother Nature, stop it right now! And take this stupid rain while you're at it.  Rain is fun to listen to, not fun to walk to and from class in THIRTY FOUR DEGREES.  Thanks.

Then I came back and rewatched Revenge because it's pretty much the best show on television, and then I watched SVU from last night which is always awesome but has lost my loyalty to Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross and the Hamptons.  Revenge wins.  It always wins.  Just like Emily.

And then I passed out.  Not the literal, seizure disorder kind of passing out, the oh-my-gosh-I-can't-stop-yawning-must-sleep-now kind of passing out.  For two hours.  And it felt really good.

And then I half worked on my paper that's due tomorrow, half procrastinated some more.

And then I went to eat dinner at the dining hall, which I've been frequenting much more often this semester than in the past.  They had breakfast for dinner, which was weird because I've never seen them do that before.  I don't even like their breakfast food for breakfast, so I certainly wasn't going to eat it for dinner.  So I had barbecue, and it was delicious.

Then, I went to my College Democrats Officers meeting, which was pretty fun.  I was a little irked that I didn't get President or Vice President at first, but frankly, it sounds like I have the most responsibility as Communications and Publicity Director/Chair/whatever.  Haha!  And the President and Vice President both seem really nice, so it's all right.  I'm excited to be really involved in a club this year.  The current president is graduating in December, so this was kind of an introduction into us taking over because he's been pretty much doing everything himself because the other officers suck and he's tired.  So it's gonna be really cool.  I'm excited. 

I'm about halfway done with my paper right now, so I'm gonna finish it while I listen to Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  The hard part of my editing is done, so it'll be fine.  Plus, I don't have to get up till 9:00 tomorrow, as opposed to 7:30, because my 9:00 professor went to Ukraine for a week-long conference, so it's all good.

Have a fantastic Friday!  I'll have one class and get rid of this paper, so my Friday is going to be stellar.

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  1. Found you through SUYL. I'm all excited for winter, but 34 degrees?! I'll sympathize with you :) Congratulations on getting Communications Chair, I'm sure you'll rock it!