Friday, November 4, 2011

You'd think it was winter or something.

Add this to the list of reasons why I'm totally not a fan of this whole November-actually-has-winter-like-temperatures thing: OH MY WORD THE HEAT.  See, some dorms here have window units, which means each room can control its own temperature.  I have to live in a dorm that does not have the window units and is controlled by the physical plant because window units bring in all the crap from outside which would be horrendous for my allergies and asthma.  And because the weather has been pretty cold for the past few days (see yesterday and the THIRTY FOUR DEGREE morning), Campbell has shut off the AC and turned on the heat in all the dorms the physical plant controls.  Heat = bad.  So here I am, sweating.  And all else I'll say about that is that I am SO grateful that I have my own room because if I had a roommate, I'd have to be...ahem...modest right now, and it's too hot in here to be modest.

YAY, no more research paper! 

YAY, I have food in my dorm again! (Yay, I have friends who take me to Walmart!)

And best of all?  YAY THE CAMPBELL WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM IS IN THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ON SUNDAY BECAUSE WE BEAT WINTHROP TODAY 3-2!!!!!!!  Here's hoping Radford is freaked out by the fact that we beat them just last weekend!  If we win, Ryann and her team are going to the NCAA championship!!  That's HUGE, y'all.  HUGE!

I am so tired, and I took a two and a half hour nap this afternoon.  That's just weird for me.  The nap felt great, but that usually means I'm completely hyper at this hour.  I have to stay up till midnight because that's when my block of time to register for next semester starts.  My block is so close to the end, I want to have the best opportunity possible to get the classes I want.

My friend JD, her son, and two of her friends leave on their mission trip to Ghana tomorrow.  Please pray for them.  :)

Okay, there's nothing on TV.  Might as well get a little reading done while I wait for midnight to arrive.


  1. New follower via SUYL! It's so nice to finally come across another NC blogger than I can actually relate to! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. Do you have any control at all over how hot your room is, or is the heat completely under the control of a central heating system?