Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Determination comes in handy.

Along with a good pair of earphones. ;)

So um, I'm exhausted, but I wanted to say a little bit about today.

First of all, I love my mother.  And I hate seeing her beat herself up because she doesn't have enough money to buy everything we need all the time (and by that I mean like I need new glasses, not food or clothes or anything super essential).  She is my hero, and my future kids will be lucky if I am half the mother she is.  Just putting that out there.

Second of all, Blake looks like a little boy now! It's FREAKY!!  I mean, I know he's not even 21 months old yet, but he just looks so much bigger.  I guess it's kind of throwing me off because I haven't seen him since Fall Break.

And lastly, (well, side note - the word 'lastly' just looks weird in writing. Is that right?) when Mom and I got home tonight, I was almost instantly reminded why it's a good thing that I rarely come home, but I honestly don't even care about that.  I'm determined to enjoy this break, to catch my breath, to smile, and to realize how lucky I am to have the life that I do even when I feel like the people in it are driving me batty.  ;)

Isn't what this holiday is all about in the first place?  :)


  1. That is absolutely what this holiday is about: being thankful for the psycho people you call family who are driving you batty. :) Love you!

  2. Have a great break!!!

    Hopefully this will work. Blogspot keeps on eating my comments. :(