Monday, January 18, 2010

The Water Balloon Brigades

Okay, so today in Western Civ, my professor was trying to explain how taxation worked in Ancient Civilizations and how a leader would use taxation to build up resources for war. This is basically what she said:

"Imagine if we were having a water balloon fight against another Western Civ class. I was your leader. I would need to tax you, my subjects, in order to get the resources we need. We would need the water and the balloons. I would have to get the water, the balloons, and then organize you into water balloon...brigades." Cue laughter. "We would have a water ballooon fight over this room, because the other class was in a small, cramped room. Since we have a lot of people, we could have a lot of brigades to throw the water balloons. Now, if we only had 5 people, we wouldn't need to fight. And water balloon brigades are violent stuff, you know." :) The entire class cracked up laughing for like 5 minutes. And this is my professor when she "isn't feeling good." :)

Agh, loads of family drama today. Apparently, Mom has been trying to call Holly and her roommate/best friend Carmen for days, and they haven't answered. So she texted me today all worried and I guess expected me to find something out. So I spent nearly an hour texting and calling both of their phones and IM-ing Holly on Facebook and got nothing. So I started getting all freaked out. And then, Chelsea texted me and told me to stop texting Mom, not making sense or anything, and that just makes me go "what the heck?" Thank goodness I finally heard from Carmen and apparently Holly is depressed about still not having a job and feels like a failure and doesn't want to talk to Mom because she thinks Mom will just make her feel worse, and she told Carmen not to answer my Mom, either. Say a prayer for her, if you would. I know she's trying. Anyway, at least that was resolved quickly.

I don't feel good today, and have been nauseous and dizzy for pretty much all of it. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow because Tuesday and Thursday are my early class days. And I took a nausea pill about 7:30 and it makes me pretty drugged, so I don't think I can think to write anymore.

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  1. Your professor sounds like a hoot! Makes me miss classroom life even MORE than I already did... thanks!!! (said veeeery sarcastically!)

    I'm sorry to hear about your family drama. I don't know enough of the back story, but it sounds like at least part of it got sorted out. I'll be praying the rest follows suit!

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