Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I admit.

I am a reality TV lover.
Dancing with the Stars.
The Bachelor.
The Biggest Loser.
Those three shows are things I can't miss. If for some reason I do, I watch them online.
Stupid? Yes. Silly? Definitely.
But it's me.

In other news, FIVE DAYS TO CAMPBELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully I can get this cold to go away before then.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my old high school to visit Mr. Laughinghouse, my French teacher. I miss him and his class. He's the kind of guy that, the more he made fun of you, the more he liked you. Let's just say I got made fun of a lot in his class. ;)

Okay, I'm gonna watch Jillian Michaels on Jay Leno and take a shower. I need to go back to sleep soon.


  1. Five more days.... !!!!!!!!

    How did your pain management clinic go today?

  2. NO...it's NOT stupid and NO...it's NOT silly!! You're silly! :) I wouldn't miss them for the world and no one else should either!! ;)

    Hope you start feeling better soon. Sorry, I've been pretty absent from blog reading lately. Ok, let's be honest...I've been absent from my own blog, too! So, hopefully I'll start catching up now.

    Get some good rest and take care of yourself