Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ed Gore Day

It was "Ed Gore Day" at the basketball games, so I spent 12:00-5:30 at the Convocation Center with my uncle and a bunch of strangers.  SO AWKWARD.  It would've been so much easier had my family been able to come. Stupid snow.  And we lost the games.  Boo.

For some reason, I feel like today is Sunday.  Don't really know why.  If it was, I certainly wouldn't be up at this hour because I get up at 8 on Mondays.

Miss America was tonight.  Miss NC didn't even make it to the Top 15 (through the first elimination), so I was rooting for Miss Kentucky...because her name was Mallory. :) She made 4th runner up.

That's about it.  My life is boring.

20 days to home.
42 days to Charlotte. :)


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