Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good day.

Nothing really spectacular has happened, but it's just been a good day.
I woke up at 9, ate breakfast and watched A Baby Story.
Caught up on The Bachelor, since I was watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager and Make It or Break It last night while it aired.
Morgan arrived and I helped her unload her stuff.
We went to WalMart, and then went to Bojangles for lunch.
I rested for a while, and then played two games of pool with Kari at 2.
Morgan came by at 6, and we got Papa John's pizza together. :)
Then, we started watching Meet the Fockers, but she was so tired that we shut it off before it finished.
Then I watched The Biggest Loser.
Met Kari's boyfriend.
And now I am going to sleep.
So yes, it's been a good day. :)
My last day of freedom. Haha! Classes start tomorrow, but luckily my first one isn't till 12. Then I have a class at 1 and one at 2. Easy enough, especially since two of the professors were the two I had for my short time here last semester.
I'm so excited to get back into things!

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