Friday, January 29, 2010

Stupid snow.

I normally love snow. In Swansboro, it's such a rarity that, all my life, I freaked out whenever snow came because it was so exciting.
But right now? I'm mad at snow.
It's already started snowing, solidifying the fact that I will not get to see my mom tomorrow.
It probably seems stupid to all of you, but I am seriously homesick right now and I got so excited that she was gonna come and see me so that I didn't have to wait till February 19th to go home and see her (and everyone else).
So, yes, I am mad at snow.
Stupid snow. You couldn't have waited till Sunday?

My dad would be 48 today. RIP Daddy. <3


  1. Thinking of you on your father's birthday.... (((((( hugs )))))))))

  2. I'm sorry Mal! That's really a bummer!!!

    Thinking about you!