Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's getting closer.

I went to the Commissary today with my grandmother and restocked my food supply for school.
The good news is that my grandma lets me get whatever I want.
The bad news is my grandma loves junk food even more than I do, and tries to get me to get stuff I don't want.
But really.
I'm so stoked.
Having 3 days left is almost over.
Tomorrow, it will be two days.
And on Saturday, I get to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and my mom is making my favorite meal - lemon rosemary chicken.

It's supposed to snow tonight.  I'm just gonna wait and see if it actually does before I get all excited.  Snow isn't exactly a common thing here.

I picked up a book today.  Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky.  Oh. My. Gosh.  (Thank you, JD!)

Okay, it's late.  I am off.


  1. I think it's awesome you're so excited to get back to school! I hope this semester is problem free for you, and you can just totally soak up college life! I hope you get your snow!

  2. Great book, huh? ***grin***

    Love your enthusiasm, it's contagious!! Snow? Want some? Come and get it :o)

  3. Just go to my last blog post to catch some snow - and it's STILL snowing here!

    I like Barbara Delinsky - need to check out that book.