Friday, January 22, 2010


Maybe it's just because it was the first full week of classes, but this week felt sooooooooo loooooooooong. Glad it's over and that I have two days to sleep in. :)

Today was a good day. I, of course, had French, Government and Western Civ. My Western Civ professor was sick on Wednesday, and I don't think she was completely better yet, but she just did nothing but talk today. And I have my notebook from the first 7 weeks of last semester, so I don't even have to bother taking notes for a while. The only semi-bad thing about today was that I realized my Government professor is a hardcore Republican, and he spent basically all class period talking about everything that Obama's doing wrong in the world. Just slightly irritating to a strong Democrat like me. ;)

My advisor rocks. End of story. (Okay, so not. You know me!) But seriously, last Wednesday, the first day of classes, I saw him in the hallway of the building where he teaches and where his office is. He told me to "stop by", but all of his office hours are while I am in class, and whenever else I tried to see him, he wasn't there. So finally, yesterday, I waited for him outside his 11:00-12:20 class after I got out of English, and we agreed to meet in his office at 10 this morning. Turns out, he had completely forgotten that he wanted to see me, and so he thought that the meeting was my idea because I needed to talk about something. Even though 10-11 is usually class prep time for him for his 11:00 class, he gave up that time and talked with me for 30 minutes. He told me about this class/internship that Campbell does for juniors and seniors in my department at Georgetown University! DC is exactly where I want to go! I definitely want to do it, probably the summer before my senior year. :) That was really exciting to hear about.

Take note: I think I might be actually getting a little bit good at pool! Not easy for someone with so many coordination issues and so much nerve damage like me. :)

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  1. Ping pong was my game of choice in college - I used to shoot the cue ball OVER the table when I tried to play pool.

    Sorry about your professor - my boss is Glenn Beck mouthpiece (he's always quoting things off of right wing talk radio), so I know how you feel. I think that professors shouldn't show their opinions so forcefully - they should give you all the sides & let you make your own decisions.