Sunday, December 30, 2012

And repeat.

Take yesterday's migraine,

Add a dose of referred pain in my neck and shoulder from my pleurisy,

Subtract some of the sleeping,

And you have me today.

I'm thankful for a quiet Sunday where I could rest, a book that reaches my heart, mind, and soul, the knowledge that I get to see both my doctor and Matt tomorrow, and the power of the Holy Spirit that gives me the strength to move through pain.

I'm also looking forward to writing my "year in review" post tomorrow when I get home from the doctor.  It's always been enjoyable for me to write that post, but this year, I have a feeling, the post is going to be very special.  As it should be, right?  This year has been far more epic, beautiful, and intense than I ever could have imagined.  :)  Writing all of this out makes me want to start working on the post now...And I just remembered I usually write it on the night of the 30th and post it early on the 31st.  Hm...

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