Sunday, December 16, 2012

Malade: Part Deux

All that crap that was in my sinuses is now in my chest.  It hurts.

I have literally been sleeping all day except for the brief periods when Mom forced me to wake up and eat so my blood sugar didn't plummet.  She's a good one.

However, this is when having the immune system of a cancer patient and having a mom and sister with horrible immune systems themselves actually all come in handy because our lives have gotten to the point where we have steroids pretty much always on hand.  Seriously, I told my mom I thought I need to go to the doctor tomorrow, and she said "No need. I have Prednisone right here."  Doctor visit and copay payment avoided.

And if by chance we don't have any in the house, nine times out of ten Mom can call our family doctor, who is the only doctor/practice we've gone to since we moved to this town in 1997, tell her what is going on and what we need, and she will call in a prescription without even needing to see us.  She knows us that well.  And quite honestly, my mom has pretty much earned herself an honorary nurse's degree after everything she's dealt with between her, me and Chelsea.

I'm going back to bed, and I'm going to try not to sleep all day tomorrow.

Try being the operative word.

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