Monday, December 10, 2012

Status: Stoked

Today was overall absolutely awesome.

First off, I got to have lunch with this kid.

This is Ryan.  He and I were in Municipal Government together this semester, the only two Liberals (besides Dr. Mero) against six Conservatives.  He is so much fun, and we became good friends this semester.  A ood part of the lunch was spent laughing about how much fun that class was.  My Public Policy class next semester is going to be weird without him or Patrick in there, Patrick's the guy I spent about half of every class debating with.  Thankfully, Ryan said he's coming back down in the spring to visit friends, so hopefully we'll get the chance to hang out again.

After that, I went to my Comparative Foreign Government final with Dr. Thornton.  Despite not studying nearly as much as I should have, I actually think I did really well on it!  So that was a relief.  This class really reassure me that I'm in the right field.  I LOVED learning the material for this class.

Then, the best part of my day happened:  Dr. Thornton always hands your term paper back when you hand in your final exam.   I got a 98 on mine!  A NINETY-EIGHT on a paper from Dr. Thornton is a miracle!  That man is notorious around campus for being a really tough grader on his papers.  And this term paper (mine was on Denmark) was 30% of my overall grade, and I wrote it in the span of like 28 hours, so I completely flipped when I saw my grade!

Then, as I was heading back to my dorm, I ran into Patrick, who was standing in the middle of Academic Circle smoking a victory cigar for being done with undergrad classes.  See, here's the thing about me and Patrick.  We got on each other's nerves constantly during the semester, but we actually like and respect each other!  We stood there laughing and talking and teasing each other for like 15 minutes.  He even congratulated me on my paper grade from Thornton because he took the class last fall, so he knows how hard it is to please Thornton.  He even gave me a hug before I had to go grab a snack.  (Alex also took the class last fall, and he, too, flipped when I texted him my grade.  So I knew I wasn't overreacting, haha!)

After that, I just went and got a bite to eat and hung out until Mommom got there, and then I loaded up the car, checked out with my RA, and left.

Mom made chicken and pastry for dinner tonight, and she's making lemon rosemary chicken tomorrow.  Do ya think she missed me? :D

Of course, this house turned out to be exactly like I expected it to be, but thankfully I got to see my sweet Blake man, because he makes everything better, and I had several friends texting me and Glee to keep me distracted.

Oh, and my sweet, sweet friend Laura surprised me and sent me Radical by David Platt.  Now I don't have to spend some of my Christmas money on that.  My friends are the best!  I can't wait to start reading it.  I'm just too tired tonight; I'm giving myself a night of a Glee marathon.

Twenty-seven days of freedom.

I am officially a senior.

I have three semesters standing between me and graduation.  That's mind-blowing.

I couldn't be more excited.

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