Monday, December 17, 2012

This is why.

This is why I will never stop putting myself out there, no matter how many times I get hurt.

This is why I will never stop serving others.

This is why I will never stop doing my best to pour love onto everyone I interact with.

Because after I waded through all the jerks and the liars and the users, I met people whose only expectation of me is that I love them.  I met people who are so genuinely grateful for the small things I can do for them that I can practically hear their appreciation via text.  I met people who love to make me happy just as much as I love to make them happy.  I met people who gave so much of themselves to be my friend, who saw the worst parts of me and loved me anyway, who stuck by me when I fully expected them to leave.

God has put so many people in my life who always encourage me to see myself the way they see me, but more importantly, the way He sees me.

And all of that is why I will never regret being me.

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