Sunday, December 9, 2012

One More Night

This time tomorrow, I'll be back in Swansboro, done with finals, and officially considered a senior.  Even though I won't be graduating until May 2014, that's still pretty crazy to think about.  Next semester is going to be very bittersweet for me because Ryann's graduating. Ah, but I'm not going to think about that right now.  Why get ahead of myself, right?

Today was a good day.  I spent the whole morning at Theater Church, which automatically makes for a good Sunday.  I'm really going to miss being there, since I won't be able to go back until January 13th.  It's amazing how a place I've only been going to for two months has come to be so dear to me, but I meant it when I said that that church felt like home from the second I walked in the doors.  I'm so thankful that my first foray back into church after being gone for so many years was to a place where the whole crowd made me feel like I belonged from the very beginning.  After my last experience at church, that was a relief that I can't adequately explain.

Then, I came back and took a nap.  And that's always grand.

Then, I took a shower and ate dinner.

Then, a girl came over so I could help her study for our Comparative Foreign Government final tomorrow.

Then, I spent hours finishing the study guide for that.

Then, I packed up all my stuff so I don't have to worry about getting it done tomorrow, because I'm honestly not quite sure how long this exam is going to take me to finish, and Mommom is getting here not long after the time block for my final ends.

Now, I'm just going to sit here and play Solitaire or just goof off and listen to music until I feel like going to bed.

To be perfectly honest, part of me is really excited about being done for the semester and getting a break, and part of me is dreading going home for four full weeks because....well, because I know and y'all know how toxic my family's house is.  Pray for me.  Pray I can be Jesus to them.  I want this time to be different.

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