Thursday, September 27, 2012

You're never fully dressed without a smile.

Oh, that title has absolutely nothing to do with today's post.  It was just on Glee earlier tonight, so it's kind of in my head.

I have absolutely nothing deep to say today.

Turns out, one can still be exhausted after one gets almost eight hours of sleep.  I woke up with another migraine, day 3 this time (surprise surprise, this past weekend was a fluke), and went to go help Jared study for our French Lit test that is tomorrow which, duh, only made the headache worse.

To add to the fun, I then went and took a Human Diversity test.

And then I proceeded to come back and take a 3 hour nap and then do absolutely nothing productive for the rest of the day except sit in the dark and sing in hopes of distracting myself, and then watch Glee and Scandal which also were very good at making me distracted from how bad my head hurts.

And now I actually have to study.

So yeah, I have nothing deep to say.  Blame the fact that my eyeballs currently feel like they're going to throb themselves straight out of my head.

Blog fail.  But hey, in case I ever get the desire to know what I did on September 27, 2012, I will know.  Or something like that.

Oh, random good news - after this semester, I only have 13 classes left to take, which means I will never have to take 18 hours again once I get through this semester.  Yay for that.

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