Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isaac, you suck.

I mean, really?  Of all the directions you could've gone after you passed Florida, you picked to go RIGHT OVER CHARLOTTE?

Not cool.  Seriously, not cool.

So uh yeah.  I'm not going to the DNC tomorrow.  Hurricane Isaac (or is it a Tropical Storm now?) is currently sitting over Charlotte and brought all sorts of lovely thunderstorms with him.  You can't exactly hold a political convention in an uncovered arena with 70,000 people during a thunderstorm, sooooo.....they moved it.  They moved it to the Time Warner Cable Arena, which has about 50,000 less seats than the Bank  of America Stadium does.  There's barely going to be enough space for all of the delegates, so all Community Credentials are officially null and void.

On the upside, all Community Credentials holders get a special conference call with the President tomorrow afternoon, and the Democratic Party is doing everything they can to get him back to NC before Election Day to have a special event with Community Credentials holders.  Plus, I won't be up before the sun and stay up for almost 24 hours and I'll be well rested for Paddy when he arrives Friday.


Sigh.  You can't control the weather.

I posted about this on  Facebook, and my British mum (Paddy's mom) commented "You are so positive and upbeat in the face of such a disappointment."  Um, well, let's see.  My British brother is coming to spend the weekend with me the day after tomorrow.  I get to catch up on some precious sleep tomorrow so I'll actually be conscious and lively when he gets here.  Sunday, I get to see my mom and my best friend on the planet, and I get to introduce said best friend to the British version of him (which is surely going to be hilarious).  It's pretty darn simple to be positive and upbeat when something so amazing is waiting for you.

Speaking of said best friend, I texted him on-and-off for like eight hours today, and part of that conversation is still cracking me up.

Me: By the way, I'm still laughing about you telling me it's your "role" to protect me. :)
Matt: Well it is!
Me: And I'm not allowed to protect you?
Matt: No, damn it! That's not how it woooorrrkkksss!
Me: So what is MY role, oh wise one? Lol.
Matt:  Be my lil sis and stay outta trouble so I ain't gotta come whoop some ass.
Me: That's hilarious coming from you since you're quite possibly the least physically confrontational guy I've ever met.
Matt: Cause it hasn't had to come out yet!
Me: Hahahaha. Oh gosh. If all the guys in my past treating me like crap wasn't enough to bring that out, I wonder what will.  And just so we're clear, what trouble do I need to stay out of, Mr. "I want you to have life experiences"? (This conversation? Hands down the highlight of my day.)
Matt: Lol, I mean I want you to experience but when you fall in love, have sex, and then get crushed, that's when it'll come out!
Me: Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, I love you and your heart for me, sweetheart.  That still doesn't tell me what trouble I need to stay out of, though. :p
Matt: Ya know, don't get arrested.  Experience everything, just don't get caught.

He's such a good influence on me. ;)  Then, we got into details about something that is probably going to be my blog post for tomorrow, so that's all you get for now.  Seriously, though, I love that kid.  Few people get the kind of relationship he and I now have, so it's not lost on me how lucky I am.

But yeah.  I'm gonna save the rest of that for tomorrow.  I'm tired.  I just want to finish listening to the DNC and go to bed.  Since I don't have to go to my one class since I took the test yesterday, I plan on staying in my pajamas the entire day.

And it will be AWESOME.

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  1. That must be disappointing about the DNC weather-related stuff. But, as usual you are choosing to be positive about it. :)