Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clear sight...literally.

Last Tuesday, I wrote a post called Clear Sight.  That one was all deep and talked about God and stuff.

This one is not.  This one is about the fact that I FINALLY GOT NEW LENSES IN MY GLASSES.  Hallelujah and Praise Jesus.  So I literally mean clear sight.

In that week and a half that I was home between getting back from DC and coming to school, one of the many doctor appointments I had was with my eye doctor.  Apparently I haven't been there since 2009, which would be when I got these two pair of glasses.  Uh, oops?  Long story short, my right eye (because it's always the right side causing problems!) needed a majorly different prescription, and the doctor wanted to put in this thing called a prism that helps keep that eye from turning inward so bad (because again, it's always that side!).  Well, the only problem was that that appointment was on a Monday and I was leaving on Saturday.  You can't get lenses with the special blue tint I have to protect against fluorescent lights (a trigger for my seizures) that quickly.  So I left my orange pair there with them, and Mom planned on bringing them to me this past weekend when she came up to see Paddy.

Except she accidentally put her glasses case in the bag she was bringing me instead of mine.  So then she had to mail them because she didn't want me waiting even longer for them when my migraines have been out of control and this could be adding to it, so yeah, I got them from the post office today.

Wow.  As soon as I put the orange glasses on, the world looked so much brighter.  I can already tell that I can see farther and more clearly, so hopefully a couple weeks with these will get my migraines back under control.

So here's what I learned today: glasses are awesome, and don't wait 3 years between visits to the eye doctor!  I seriously don't know how I let that happen.

Oh, I also learned that Ryann's name is in the middle of my name. Literally smack dab in the middle.  malloRY ANN jones.  Freaky, huh?  I told Ryann it was fate, we were meant to be best friends. :p

Yay, tomorrow's Friday.  I am going to have a crazy weekend full of homework.  I was horribly unproductive last weekend because Paddy was here, and this week my head has just been so bad that I haven't felt up to studying, so I've got a lot to get caught up on.  Saturday morning, I'll be forced to get up early because Elizabeth is taking me to Lowes and Walmart and that's the only free time she has, so at least that'll get me up and moving and I won't sleep the day away.

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