Saturday, September 22, 2012

Only God

I don't believe in coincidences.  I can't, after everything that's happened in my life.  All those times I made it to the hospital just in time to save my life would be reason enough for anyone, I think.

Well, let me clarify that.  I don't believe in coincidences anymore.  Now that my eyes have been opened to the supreme power of God and the evidence of His hand throughout my life, I know that things I used to chock up to mere coincidences are actually God making His presence known.

Exhibit A:  Last night, I wrote about trusting God with the small details, like my migraines.

Today, I woke up without my head hurting for the first time since September 7th.

Does that sound like God to you, or is it just me?

People want to know why I'm so happy.  This is why, people.  I'm happy because despite the pain that I live with, God blesses me with breaks and good news just when I'm feeling weak.

And whoa.  Literally while I was sitting here writing this blog post, my mom called and told me to get on the Wolfpack website because my grandma agreed to buy us tickets to the Florida State football game in two weeks!  Anyone who has been here for a while know how much I LOVE me some Wolfpack football!  Carter-Finley Stadium was my dad's favorite place on earth, and I always feel closer to him when I'm there.

After two strenuous, pain-filled weeks, only God could give me a day like today.  Only Him.

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