Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Soccer

I don't know how today went by so quickly.

The highlight was definitely going to the Campbell women's soccer game.  We lost in overtime, but a) I love soccer b) I love watching Ryann play.

Plus, a bunch of the parents of the team go all out for every single game and provide this spread of amazing food for after the game.  As I jokingly told Ryann today, "If I didn't love you, this food would be reason enough to come to a soccer game!"  What can I say?  College students never turned down home-cooked food, especially when it's free. :)

But seriously, I'm such a proud best friend.  My throat hurts by the end of every game from yelling so much.  The best time, though, is going to be on the 13th, because Mom is coming up for that one because it's senior night and her last chance to see Ryann play.  Mom is going to have a ball, too.  Anytime you get Mom and Ryann together, I'm suddenly like chopped liver.  I love it!  No seriously, I do.  I love the fact that anytime I introduce one of my friends to Mom, they love her.  Matt and Ryann are the only two that have been "adopted" but that's just because they're my best friends so she knows them the best.

I don't know why I'm so tired this weekend, but since I am and I already got the only piece of homework that has to be turned into tomorrow done, I'm going to bed.  I'm too tired.  Everything else can wait.

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