Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He equips the called.

For starting off the day on about four hours of sleep, lots of things went right today.  I was actually coherent in French History class.  French Lit got canceled because Jared (the only other student in there) is sick.  Voter registration was a success.  I got a 95 on my Comparative Foreign Government quiz.  We all managed to talk respectfully to each other in Municipal Government.  Several of my friends got good news and some resolution to the problems they were dealing with.  I had a 45-minute chat with Taylor, which always puts a smile on my face.  A surprise from Bruno is coming. That boy and his heart, I just don't know what to do with him sometimes. :)  I am so blessed.

But really, the biggest thing for me was realizing how much stronger I am now.  This summer was hard, a lot harder than I let on a lot of the time, and I was still trying to find my footing in how to live this life while figuring out what it meant to chase after a relationship with Christ.  Now, I feel like I've gotten my footing somewhat.  I'm sure of who I am, and Whose I am, and people that I look up to as some major role models have come to me looking for spiritual wisdom and advice.  For a girl that still feels very much a "baby Christian" that just baffles me in a way.  I feel so ridiculously unqualified to be giving this kind of advice.

In a way, though, I guess it makes sense.  One of the phrases I've picked up from Taylor is "Disciple and be discipled."  That's what we're here for, to help each other stay on the path that will help God to bring the most glory for Him out of our lives.  For all the lessons I know my friends have taught me, I'm beginning to realize that they've learned just as much from me, and it's not because any one of us is "qualified" for this.

These relationships work and we learn from each other because our hearts are in the right place.  We love God, we love each other, and we want to help.  We don't have anything to do with the rest of it; GOD gives us the words the other needs to hear, GOD tells us what we need to do next.  It's like that kind of cliché saying, "God doesn't call the equipped.  He equips the called."  We're broken.  None of us could be the friend the people we love need if He didn't give us the tools.

It's only fitting, isn't it?  I wouldn't have met any of these people had it not been for His intervention, let alone actually become friends with them.

I am surrounded by beautiful, amazing, Godly, loving people.  This blessing is the kind of love I can't comprehend.  And I'm not supposed to.

And slowly but surely, that voice I've had in the back of my head for my entire life telling me I'm never a good enough friend to the people I love fades into nothingness...

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