Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm such an old lady sometimes.

Today was the first Monday, Wednesday, or Friday since school started that I didn't take a nap in the 3 hour break I have on these days.  And boy, I felt it.

I couldn't take a nap because after my 9:00 French Lit class, I had to come back and write the 2-page paper that was due in Municipal Government at 2:00 because I had a horrendously unproductive week, then I ate lunch, and then I went over to the post office to mail off another transcript request form to Georgetown which is all the way across campus so it takes me a while to get there, and then I had Comparative Foreign Government at 1:00.  So yeah.  I've been up since 7:30.  And there have only been about two hours between then and now that I haven't been getting ready for class, in class, or doing homework.

I have a very long to-do list for this weekend:

French Lit: selected readings from/translation of The Farce of Mr. Pathelin (yes, that's just my English translation, the play is actually in French); 2-3 page paper in French on The Story of the Fox

French History & Civilization: study for Monday's test; prepare the notes for my day to teach about the Valois and Bourbon dynasties; read Chapter 7

Comparative Foreign Government: Read Chapter 3 on France (53 pages); Read Chapter 4 on Germany (50 pages); Preliminary bibliography for term project (though this isn't due until Friday so I'm probably putting it off until last); and copy 4 days of notes for a girl who had surgery (DONE)

Municipal Government: Read Chapter 5 in our first book (28 pages); Read Chapter 6 in the same book (29 pages); the 4th 2-page paper (also not due until Friday, so I'm putting it off until last, as well); and copy 4 days of notes for that same girl who had surgery (DONE)

Human Diversity: Rewrite really sloppy notes from yesterday (DONE); Read Chapter 3 (35 pages - DONE); Read Chapter 5 (32 pages - DONE)

I've got a lot of work ahead of me, and normally I would stay up and do some more, but I'm so exhausted right now that it hurts to hold my eyes open, so I'm just going to bed.  I'm getting up at 7 am tomorrow anyway.  (And for the record, I don't know the last time I woke up at 7 am on a Saturday during school.)

Good night, world.

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  1. Hope you have a productive weekend! (That deleted comment was from me - my computer was randomly logged into my sister's account for some reason.)