Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quotes from Matt

Well, I slept until about 6:00 tonight.

No class.

No homework.

Total fail.

I really need my new glasses to get here, like, yesterday.

On the upside, I made it to a meeting I had to get to and am now being thoroughly entertained by Matt on Facebook.

I sent him a picture of me and Alex and he responded, "Dude. He's cute. In a no homo way, but like, he is, man. He's handsome, but there's a cuteness.  I approve."  In ten years I'm fairly certain I've never heard Matt call another guy cute.

And then when I told him Alex is a Republican, he responded, "LOL.  Dude.  He's a Republican?!  That's like a Jew and Jesus."  He just gets me.

I love my best friend.  Since today is totally shot, might as well end on a high note, right?!

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