Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Homeward bound. Finally.

To be honest, Tuesday came and I was ready to go.

Mom asked me if I was sad to leave, and I said no.  Because I wasn't.  I wasn't sad to leave because I know I'll be back there one day.

It's easy to say goodbye when it's not the end.

I was ready to get back to NC because getting to NC meant I was closer to getting back to Campbell.  And Campbell is my home.  I'm not gonna lie, it was weird to be in NC after being in the big city for almost two months, but that small little campus is my home.  It's where my family is.  And I'm so okay with being back in this house for a week and a half because it's getting me one step closer to there.

We left around noon and got back just before 7:00.  That includes a lunch break, and it was raining some of the time, so it was pretty good timing.  The day started off hilarious because it took Mom, Mommom, and 3 valets to get the rack on top of Mommom's car loaded.  After that, it was pretty peaceful...until we got home.  During the drive, though, we finally got through to my doctor's office who said they'd set up a CT, and we got a call from Holly saying she and Michael are coming to visit this weekend. It took Chelsea all of 30 seconds after we pulled in to start screaming.

I chilled out the rest of the night because I was exhausted and lazy.

NC, it's good to be back.

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