Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The day I met Bob Etheridge.

As in Bob Etheridge, the 7-term former US Congressman and one of the most distinguished Campbell graduates EVER.

The cookout was...epic.  Thank the Lord Burkot is connected to two other dorms, so there's a giant covered porch in front where we could have the cookout because it was pouring rain.  Chris and Jordan's roommate, John, grilled all the food under a tent in the rain.  Nice guy, huh?
The local Democratic party showed up.  All the local candidates who were at Street Fair last week, and we had a surprising number of students come considering the weather.  Thankfully, the rumored harassment from the College Republicans didn't happen (yeah, I know), but we had Campus Security there just in case so they got some free food.

I still can't believe I met Bob Etheridge.  I got a picture with him and immediately texted it to Mom because she LOVES him.

It's midnight, and I have to be up at 6:30, so I have nothing else to say.  Here are the pictures.

This would be Mr. Etheridge. Mom FLIPPED when I sent her this.

Brad Salmon (State Senate candidate)

Joe Langley (State House candidate)

Kim...I forgot her last name (County Register of Deeds running for re-election)

Steve Wilkins (US House candidate)

Andrew Wilkins (Steve's son/campaign manager)

Teresa Sloan-Oudeh (the chair of the Harnett County Democratic Party)

me and Deagan, just a freshman who joined the club and has become Louis' protégé pretty much

the officers with Congressman Etheridge

I love my life.  I am so blessed.  So, so ridiculously blessed. :)

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