Friday, August 24, 2012

I have a sinus infection.

I have a sinus infection before one of the busiest weeks of my semester.

I have a sinus infection and no money to get an antibiotic.

I have a sinus infection after one week of school.

Ugh.  You see, I was trying to pretend like it was just my allergies because, really, only losers get sick the first week.  But no.  This much congestion and drainage cannot be allergies.  I sneeze my head off when I have allergy issues.  If I'm not careful, it'll turn into an upper respiratory infection; the lady in the cafeteria said I sounded sick when I ordered my lunch because my voice is weak and raspy, too.

I cannot be sick next week.  Not with The Vespers, and the College Dems cookout, and then the College Dems of America convention.  No, no, no.  I refuse.

Oh, and I have a pinched nerve somewhere in my upper back that is making it excruciatingly painful to use my arms AT ALL.

I'm pathetic today.  And I have so much homework to do.  Not exactly good news when I have a major headache that will not go away because, hello, I am sick.

I am staying holed up in my dorm this weekend.  Thank God I have some soup.

I can't decide if I want to do a little bit of my homework tonight, or just go to bed.  College kid problems.

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  1. Hugs and prayers. Get some rest and try not to worry about all of your homework.