Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm going to collapse now.

I am glad today's over.  I am glad I am finally back here at school with people that I love to spend time with and can have fun with.  But man, move-in day is not fun.  It's really not fun when it's raining pretty much the entire day.

Added to that, Mom forgot directions on a trip she's made 30 times before, my card is overdrawn so I literally have no money from now until the end of the month (thank God for Camel Bucks and my friends), we almost couldn't get the U-Haul because no one told us there'd be a deposit and if I am broke Mom is REALLY broke, I forgot where I put the key to my storage unit then found it then dropped it but luckily Holly found it, I asked way too many people to come help me, and Mom hurt herself.

But I'm here.  And I'm unpacked.  And I got to have dinner with Louis, Chris, Jordan, Scarlet, and Bria (aka the officers of the College Dems).  So yay for all of that.

Now, I'm going to go take a nice, hot shower to get the six inches of sweat off of me, and then crash because tomorrow, we hit the ground running.

Here's to another fantastic semester on the campus that I love.  :)

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