Friday, March 2, 2012

It's going to be a long week.

Every second that I've been home today, Chelsea has been yelling and screaming and complaining about something.  Why am I not surprised.  Thankfully, Mom took me to get a mani/pedi and to dinner so we got a few hours break from it.  Chelsea wants to know why Mom never does anything nice for her, and I flat out told her if she wasn't such a bitch 24/7 then maybe she might want to.  Seriously, it's a miracle of God that my mother has not either a) gone completely insane, kidnapped Blake and run away or b) punched Chelsea in the face every time she opens her mouth.  I've been home less than 9 hours and I already want to.

Lord, give me strength and peace and please, wrap Your arms around my mother.  She needs it so much more than I do.

But let's focus on the upsides, shall we?

Dr. Steegar was SUPER, SUPER lenient and gave me a 92 on my French Lit test that I was so terrified about getting back.  Apparently, Ryann and Pam didn't do a stellar job at fleshing out their essays, either, (and they did theirs in English!) so at least he gave us all some slack, and I didn't have to feel like I got special treatment or something.

Psychology got let out early.

Like I mentioned, Mom took me for a mani/pedi.  That scrub and soak thing they do in the pedicure seats makes my feet feel so good!  Of course, I got orange.  I got regular orange polish on my toes, but on my fingers I got something different.  Mom let me get this gel polish, because it's so awesome that it doesn't chip which is great because I won't be home for another month.  It's so special you can't just take it off with regular nail polish remover, you have to actually go in to the salon and get it soaked off, so it's great because I won't be home for another month.  I got just got the tips of my fingers done in orange with clear on the bottom because otherwise, as my nails grow, there would be a lot of nail showing without polish on, and with clear on the bottom you can't tell.  I love it.  Maybe I'll take pictures of it tomorrow or something but tonight I am too tired.

I got to try on lots of pretty clothes that Mom bought me on clearance so that I have business attire for DC this summer.  It's pretty fantastic because I hate shopping, but Mom loves shopping and she's great at bargain shopping AND I love her taste in clothes, which basically means that I never have to go shopping and she can buy all my clothes for me. :)  Most of them fit, but we have to exchange some of them and all but one pair of the shoes she bought me.  So maybe that means we'll get out of the house tomorrow too?

But best of all, by far, was seeing my sweet Blake man.  When Mom got home with him, Chelsea got him out of his car seat and when he saw me, he took off running across the garage squealing.  It was precious.  And then when we got home from dinner, he basically did not want to leave my side all night.  Melt. my. heart.  I have so missed that kid.  He is so adorable, and Mom is right, he talks SO much more now than when I left seven weeks ago!  I still can't believe he's going to be 2 on Monday...

Even if it is stressful, I'm glad to be home with Mom and Blake.  Now, I'm going to curl up and watch Wednesday's SVU and then pass out.  Good night all.

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  1. One last comment before my break.
    I'm so glad that you got a good grade on your lit test. You deserve it for going above and beyond the call of duty and writing in French,lol. :)

    Hope your break is good and that things stay calm at your house.