Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have I mentioned how crazy but awesome she is?

I had no idea you could sleep till noon, not do anything till almost 5:00, and be about-to-drop exhausted at midnight.

Until today.

Between 5:00 and 11:00, Mom and I went to Bojangles (yay!), Belk (because we hadn't been to the one in Jacksonville yet!), JC Penney, Shoe Carnival, and Food Lion.

That doesn't sound like much, but when my mother gets on a roll, she does. not. stop.  It's amazing how much she can buy in a short amount of time, which is especially funny since we don't exactly have a lot of "fun shopping" money to spare.  When we were at Shoe Carnival, we pulled out like 8 pairs of shoes, and then she brought over three more and said that was it, and then brought over three more.  I was sweating.  Not even kidding.

Oh, and between Shoe Carnival and Food Lion, we also got lost.  I didn't even know it was possible for my mother to get lost in Onslow County, but we did.  We were about halfway home on Highway 24, and suddenly we saw firefighters standing in the road with flashlights.  They said there was a bad wreck so we had to be rerouted because the whole highway was shut down on that side.  The wreck must've been REALLY bad, because it was so far away we couldn't see a thing.  This one firefighter told us to go a way that my mom decided was way too far out of the way just to get to Swansboro.  (I have no clue.)  She was originally just going to go back to KMart and look for black and white tanktops that I need, but I convinced her that that would not be enough time for them to get that wreck cleaned up when they said it would take a long time, and she really needed to get home and get to bed.  She agreed and said she thought she knew a back way to get around the mess.  That woman and her internal compass.  Somehow, without a single road sign telling her what road she was on, she managed to get us exactly where we needed to be in the dark.  I was laughing hysterically because most of the time, we were on this old highway that kept going and going and going and she started to second guess herself and we were wondering if we were ever going to get home.

It was hilarious at the time, but I guess you had to be there.

Okay, my mind is just about out of energy.  I'm going to bed.

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  1. My grandfather had an internal compass like that. The man could find about 17 back routes to ANYWHERE, and he could tell you which were shortest time wise, in miles and which had the fewest of the dread traffic lights.