Monday, March 12, 2012

Excuse me, I have to go collapse now.

How am I still awake right now?

My already early wake up call was made worse by the fact that my mother decided to text me at 12:20 am, just as I was FINALLY about to fall asleep.

French was normal.  Surprisingly Dr. Steegar did not ask questions when I told him I was "going to be out of town" the week before Easter.  I was afraid he was going to, and then I'd have to explain, and then he'd get mad.  And angry Steegar is not pretty.

Then Psychology was canceled because my professor was on her way back from Disney World, which meant I got to take a two-hour nap.  Which was awesome.  And also probably the reason why I'm awake right now.

Water Aerobics was fine.  It wasn't quite as fun as usual, mostly because the girl teaching was super quiet, but I spent a good deal of time talking basketball with Kerry and Blake and the professor, so the time passed quickly.

Then I went to the post office and got my (hopefully last) new retainer and the Memorial Box I won from Linny.

Then I have no idea what I did for the next couple of hours, except listen to music.  Then I ate dinner.

Then my friend Morgan whom I have not seen in ages texted me and said she was making a Walmart run and wondered if I wanted to go with her.  Which was kind of perfect because Amy was going to take me later on anyway, but her day was busy so this way she didn't have to. Plus, I got some time with Morgan in.

Then I came back and unpacked all the crap I bought and watched Pretty Little Liars.  And then I organized some school stuff.  And then I watched The Bachelor: After the Final Rose (I have no idea why).  And then I helped a guy I only know on Twitter from The Vespers with a book I haven't read in like five years.

And now here I am.  And I'm about to fall over and I still have to get ready for bed.

Oh yes, school is definitely back in session.

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